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25th October 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ blog & tutorials

Making your own promotional items like blank keyrings blank fridge magnets etc  is simple

And now its even easier with Keyring Creator which is software for things like blank keyrings etc

Keyring Creator is clever personalised gifts software thats quick and easy to install on your PC

Now you can make your own keyrings , fridge magnets,coasters,pens,rulers and more in minutes

For a limited time Keyring Creator also comes with 2 full programs free if you order now

when you order Keyring Creator today you will also get the following programs free of charge

Magnet Maker, and Clock Creator  two further programs which are also by software download

Personalise and create your own keyrings,fridge magnets coasters and more in just minutes

We are a leading blank keyrings and blank products supplier and offer blank promotional products that you can personalise yourself ranging from keyrings,fridge magnets,coasters mouse mats and quite a lot more promotional items

Our blank products are available with Free UK Mainland delivery
from our blank products website

Make your own promotional products for use within or to promote your own business and you will be saving hundreds of pounds a year …….. a great return on investment  .

Simply print and produce your own inserts as required for your keyrings coasters mouse mats and more and not only will it be rewarding but you will be keeping your business one step ahead of the competition !

Our blank products are high quality ,durable and long lasting.

Join thousands of others and make your own keyrings coasters magnets and more for profit or for use within your own business

How do I make my promotional items ?

Quite simply you will be producing the artwork required
and the inserts from your own PC in this case using the software  Keyring Creator

You will be making the actual insert for the required blank product yourself from the comfort of your own home or office .

You can make your own paper inserts that fit right inside the blank keyrings ,coasters,mouse mats ,clocks fridge magnets etc .

Create and print them  using normal laser paper straight from your printer or ,  our pre cut paper

After you have produced and printed your inserts on your own PC , simply peel off your insert from our pre cut paper and then assemble the keyrings or fridge magnets etc that you have made the pre cut paper is brilliant for shapes like heart shaped blank keyrings

Its easy simply place your insert straight from your printer, inside the blank product

ie a keyring, click the clear plastic window or top as some call them into place, thats it.
You now have a finished keyring , it really is that easy

Our blank products are easy to make
They come in two parts and simply click together after you have placed your own paper insert inside

All of the blank keyrings and blank products we offer are ready for you to simply place your own photos,designs ie inserts inside and then simply click the plastic windows into place with a firm push.

You can make them for promotions or as mentioned for use in your own business ,fund Raising or sell them completed to others its up to you,the list and Possibilities are endless.

Our insertable mouse mats are easy to produce in minutes and look great when completed, simply slide your design inside and your design shows through the clear window on the mouse mats and look fantastic

We also offer a range of shaped blank keyrings which can be made quickly and easily using our software and even with no cutting required using our laser cut pre cut paper.

What you will need

Your Home Computer & Printer

You will obviously need a business PC or home computer with a minimum suggested spec of at least 450mhz or above with at least 128mb of ram and a hard drive of 4GB or higher a monitor of say 15 inches or above. pretty much all systems sold these days perform very well producing artwork and are well above this specification,however it must be said that you can produce inserts on almost all PC s and laptops these days most are way higher in spec than the above


Ideally a laser printer is required,  these tend to be quite economical ,most printers sold today are very reliable and indeed economical.  its really down to quality that your happy with, the cost and your own preferences ,we choose laser printers as you get a very nice finish


Although you dont need a scanner to actually produce your inserts, you may find that you want to use your own exisiting logo or artwork, or scan some items to include in your design . This is where a scanner may be needed. if you do not already own a scanner , many are available and they are very cheap now from £14.99
You may even find one cheaper; they can be obtained from most computer shops and large computer discount stores

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Just a final quick note of our benefits !

We offer you Free UK Mainland Delivery…
The price that you see on our website is normally the actual price that you pay…

Yes normally free delivery if you live in Mainland UK .

Even though our prices are trade everyone is welcome to order
99% of our blank products are made in the UK and are great quality…
Prices start from just £0.99p

You can pay safely online using PayPal with, Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Visa Electron,Etc

Remember the price you see is normally the actual price you pay if you are in the UK Mainland and your postcode is classed as UK Mainland standard as defined by our carriers

Further Enquiries

If you require any further help with your enquiry,
contact us using the contact us link above
We are open between 10am-6.00pm Mon – Frid

We will be pleased to assist you if we can and ask that you allow up to 24 hours for a reply , although many replies are much faster than that
Thanks for looking in and  I sincerely hope that we can be of service
Kind Regards  Paul   MD